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Define ATG in 5 Words: Unique, Creative, Energetic, Beamin, Versatile

Who said we need Scotty to Beam up, ATG got us with their new video for their single “Beam Up Again”! They have been Beamin! New wave from the Baltimore natives! In beam we trust!


With a joint tape in the works, Maryland-based groups SleaZeMob and Against the Grain give fans a glimpse of what to expect with their single “Neutral.” Babygapmitch and SuttonDef of SleaZeMob teamed up with Eazy Beamin and Loso Uno of Against the Grain with production handled by 1080. I won’t say what exactly they’re putting in neutral because it’s NSFW, but you can stream their latest track below.

Baltimore natives Against The Grain kicks off 2017 with their vision for their single “Hit It N Dip” expressing what every guy can relate to when he comes across that particular female.


Hip Hop on the Wire: We take a look at what Against The Grain has in store for the culture

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