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Against The Grain

Against The Grain is a rap group from west Baltimore that was formed by Eazy (E.Beamin) & Juice (R.Beamin) in their high school days. In 2011 the two began to hang out, and becuase they shared a love for music they both decided to pursue their music career together. They started skipping lunch to record in an old room with outdated equipment to put out their first unofficial mixtape (Enough Said). This was an everyday process at school. Fast forward to 2015 and the two became students at Frostburg State University. It was a struggle to record and pursue their music dreams until two years in at Frostburg Eazy&Juice met up with Suplex and Trippy.  Suplex a Houston Native that produces beats and raps and Trippy also an inspiring rapper from Baltimore. From there on out everything began to take off. Against The Grain had been stamped official and it was time to "Beam up"! They began doing school performances, talent shows, and even performing at parties! The groups hit songs, "Too Many" and "Flexxin" became heard all throughout the campus and things started to get even more serious between the group so they decided tp make a clothing line to help support their brand. Only starting with merely $200 now the group has put out over 5 installments to their collection and counting! In current day, the groups energetic music has spread all over the surrounding area and even further, from performing in Philly, DMV, New York and even driving from their hometown to Austin Texas for SXSW. The groups creativity, diversity in sound, energy and fashion is what makes ATG different form other artist. 
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